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The Influence of Injustice on Life!

Actually, there is a long list of influences that are very negatively becoming a part of the life of an Injustice Survivors. And it also depends on what kind of incident has happened. An Injustice Survivors would be supposed to experience lots of different breakdowns.

In the current article, we are going to talk about the followings…

1-    Focus on Study

2-    Focus on Learning

3-    Living Spirit

4-    Anxiety

5-    Self-Confidence

6-    Failure

7-    Emotional Stability

8-    Temperament

9-    Grudge

1- Focus on Study:-

One of the very initial procedures of our life is our “Study”. Study is a basic pattern of learning. While the process of learning we always need a very sensitive nature of focus. That nature of focus also needs a specific type of stamina which would be enough capable to last till the end of the process. It’s just like a string of a guitar. If the stamina is weak, we cannot be attentive in the whole learning procedure. Which is enough capable to make ourselves weak in our study and grades. But we might have learned something in little. And if there is no focus on the study at all, then there are no grades at all. No grades, no study. No study, no identity, especially this type of horrible words these days. And doesn’t matter how good the study or education system is, without focus we have to face a disappointing ending anyway.

2- Focus on Learning:-

One of the basic very functional procedures for not only human beings but even all beings in this universe is “Learning”. Studying through educational and training institutions is limited for a certain period. But learning is something you do every day of your life. Even mistakes are very important for learning but if you don’t have the focus to learn anything in the study system or behind it, so it does not matter how good your teachers, universities, and trainers are. For repairing the focus we have to attend some psychiatrists, psychologists, or therapists. It also depends on how badly the focus has been affected, so sometimes we need some healers as well. But how much time, energy, and money, this “focus” thing deserves to take for getting fixed?

3- Living Spirit:-

Everyone by birth, got a certain type of positive energy that he deserves to use/utilize while living the common days of his life. An energy that has a bunch of feelings and emotions in it like happiness, sadness, joy, cheering, a feel of friendship, supporting others, feeling sorrows when others around him are not happy or in pain, and so on. This energy is actually the spirit of life that everyone deserves to have, feel, and enjoy while living life. If someone got disturbed internally and not able to sort out himself, how can he be part of life for someone else positively? Without this energy, there is not a spirit of life and without the spirit of life, there is no life. The concerned person in this situation is technically alive but apparently, he is just breathing.

4- Anxiety:-

Every day and all the time, experiencing the same negativity gives birth to a new negative feeling which is called “Anxiety”. When consistently you are struggling with different types of small feelings like unhappiness, sorrow, down, lazy, inattentive, and alone so all of these elements build a body of expression which we used to say Anxiety. Of course, what we feel, no one knows but all of these small negative feelings portray a ray of expression on our face which people can see and ask… Why are you upset?

5- Self-Confidence:-

A gradual and long stay of anxiety in our personality or character attacks our self-confidence very badly. It is not allowing us to get ready for a crowd to face. It does not allow us to have eye contact when we are just having a simple conversation with someone. It makes us ashamed again and again among the people who are ready to make fun of us. It makes all the words disappeared those we need to explain that I AM NOT GUILTY, I DID NOT DO IT. There are logics, proofs, and even witnesses but we don’t have words and voice to call them because it has buried the collection of words somewhere inside us and we can’t just find that grave.

6- Failure:-

The stage of having No-Confidence or low Self-Confidence, starts a new era in the age which is called “Failure”. When we are unable to face anyone with confidence, there would be no success in interviews. We cannot find a solution to any problem where we need to take help from a team because we are unable to have a discussion with them. So cannot be a team player at all. No one would be ready for granting a project to us, so we don’t have the scope in Project Management, Event Management, Team Management, Crisis Management, on Management at all.

7- Emotional Stability:-

When we are not able to find the source of our problems so it’s not possible to find the solution to it. Experiencing these negative energies and emotions always affects very badly on our emotional stability. The concerned person can no longer be stronger for anything concrete. There are issues and matters in life where we have to make decisions based on our foresight and we need to be patience on it to achieve our target, but all those affairs would be vanished.

8- Temperament:-

A weak emotional stability makes you week also in sorting the emotions and feelings. A certain level of stability brings a quality of sorting the emotions properly in a pattern. This pattern helps to enjoy some certain moments with certain emotion which that at a certain point in time. An unstable person cannot enjoy even the happiness of his own marriage because he is scrambled psychologically. And this scenario generates another energy called Temperament. When you are unable to feel a proper emotion at a proper moment, you will be short-tempered and if you are still unable to show some resistance, then it will create a serious negative impression on your personality.

9- Grudge:-

A short-tempered person is not fit to take the serious and powerful decisions in his life. In this world of Interactions, there has to occur lots of confronts. As he is already a person who is unable to sort the proper emotion for a proper place so he would not be able to stop the development of Grudge in his personality. Because of his own judgmental mistakes, wrong decisions, and wrong way of approach regarding others. He is making new and new enemies each day.

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