What is Injustice Survivor?

“Injustice Survivor” is a term that can be used for a certain type of character or person who is actually facing a strange phase of negativity and evil. The person who is not enough strong or capable to face the humiliation of a false statement or accusation which has been imposed, stated, or announced against him officially or unofficially. So he is called an “Injustice Survivor”.

“Injustice Survivor” is the person who got blamed or punished, both, for something he had never committed. Because of this happening or incident, he almost lost his focus on his study, career, or personal life and not living his life with the spirit of a common man. He is just surviving or suffering it. “Injustice Survivor” is also a person who committed a crime whether it’s official or unofficial and he also got punished but more than the level of the crime he had committed. After getting the punishment he should be the one who is corrected but on the contrary, he started feeling victimized for something he did actually commit. This feeling reacts psychologically and generates a question in his mind, that why it happened to me? For the sake of finding the answer, he starts committing further crimes and he is getting addicted to it.

Please read the blogs to have a detailed view and idea about Injustice Survivor.

What is the cause of this Website?

The cause of this Website is to bring Harmony and Prosperity to our community. It’s not about we are not convinced or satisfied with the facilities we have received and enjoying from our Law System, Authorities, and Government. It’s more about educating and motivated ourselves to give our personal and individual part in society to bring some change as a responsible citizen and social member.

We cannot deny the fact that even after having a strong and fruitful legal and judicial system, there are still people who are looking for justice or believe that they are victimized. So this is a clear sign that there is still a huge vacuum that needs to have vanished. And we also cannot forget that sometimes even our legal system can be failed to provide true justice, so how are we prepared to overcome these kinds of situations?

The answer is the Development of Mutual and Conceptual Bonding with a responsibility to give our part for bringing even small spot of change.

What kind of Products, Services or Facilities this Website offers?

There are not tangible products available on this website. But we offer you some different types of Services and Facilities!

   –   This website offers every user and visitor the chance to get Free Counselling on every Legal, Social, Psychological, Educational, or General issue of society.

   –   It offers a platform where everyone can blow whistles about anything alarming in society.

   –   It offers a platform where everyone can share his/her experiences of success and motivation.

   –   It offers a platform where everyone can share his/her experiences of failure and demotivation.

   –   This is also a platform where Blogger and Influencers can get chances to get collaborated and promote their causes.

   –   On this platform, the fresh entrepreneurs can also get chances to advertise and promote their business and brands.

 For further details, please visit our Services web page or contact us by Contact Us page.

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